Augmented reality mobile app – rewarding you with real gifts
from real business and service providers


Discover new places,
meet new people,
embrace new experiences!

Does the city suddenly seem boring to you?
Do you have a feeling that you are stuck with the same restaurants,
same entertainment, same shops and same people around?

Then you definitely need GetLucky – we offer you
a truly excellent opportunity to expand your horizons!
Thousands of gifts right here in your city are waiting just for you

Collect your gifts around the city

Discounts and bonuses are old news. They are no longer an incentive to shop in a new store, or try out a new restaurant, let alone entrust you ideas to an unfamiliar freelancer even if they offer a good % off the price.

Today brands compete for attention and popularity of new customers aiming at something much broader - emotions and feelings

Meet new companies, their products and services through GetLucky – show your appreciation with your loyalty and – come back again and again, and get new rewards!


In augmented reality mode discover enticing gifts waiting for you round the corner!

GetLucky gifts hunt is an exciting game.
When you are roaming around the city – open the app and see what our partners have got to offer nearby. You never know what gift is just a click away, and the hunt gets real!

Create a business profile to introduce your product to the audience

GetLucky app is a business opportunity to introduce your product or service to the desired target audience in a creative and unconventional way

Select your target audience and give your free stuff away based on your selection

Make your giveaways open detectable by everyone, or set up your own targeting. Eg. specify preferred age, gender, university and place of work for the potential audience, or even their hobbies, music tastes, communities in social networks etc.

Don’t worry


Get Lucky